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GP Appointments

We have a team of 6 GPs and offer a good range of GP appointment times morning and afternoon every weekday, approximately 850 per week. Around 25% of these are reserved for booking on the day often with the duty GP which rotates throughout our GP team. The remaining appointments are available to book 4 weeks in advance.

A GP is available every day on the telephone through our GP advice line if required and you can pre-book telephone consultations between 11:00-15:00 for your convenience.

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Nurse Practitioner Appointments

We have a team of 3 nurse practitioners, educated and trained to deal with most minor illnesses and acute problems such as sore throats, water infections, ear, eye and skin infections, bronchitis, chest infections as well as minor injuries, sprains, cuts and allergic reactions. Our nurse practitioners can consult the Duty GP if required. This allows our GP team the availability to see more complex and serious conditions.


Our experienced nursing team offer pre-bookable appointments between 9.00am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Our reception team book appointments to the appropriate nurse based on their experience and the nature of your consultation. You may be asked to provide brief details to help us to help you.

Home Visits

​Home visits should only be requested if you are too ill to attend the surgery. If you would like a GP to call, please try and contact the surgery on 01789 773372 option 1 before 10:00am. ​Please provide brief details to the receptionist who will provide the GP with this valuable information to help indicate the urgency.

Extended Hours

​We offer some pre bookable appointments every week outside of core surgery which are usually Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. These are particular useful for patients who have difficulty attending during their and our normal working. We do not offer emergency appointments during these times and these should be referred as normal to the out of hours GP service contactable through telephoning 111.